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This is the first fiberglass concept car designed by E-V Concepts back in 1979. This body design was inspired from the Ferrari Boxer Berlinetta from late 1970's. This was E-V Concepts answer to a low cost environmentally friendly exotic car. At that time lead acid batteries were the only choice for electric vehicle conversions. Our fiberglass bodies were mounted on the heavier framed cars such as the Camaro and Mustang chassis's using DC motors connected to the factory transmissions. Over the past six years E-V Concepts has been building electric vehicles with lithium batteries only.
 To conform with the US laws the Berlinetta, Sigma and our other high speed cars must be built on an existing gas powered donor vehicle sold in the US. Built on the kit car platform the suspension and interior of an existing domestic or foreign donor vehicle is used with the fiberglass body over it. Every manufacture has copied the Ferrari designs and this gives you the freedom to use a donor vehicle from the manufacture of your choice with our body kit.   As the Sigma GTE on the bottom of the webpage these vehicles have many design and power options. (Starting price $25,000)







The City Commuter Cars are our answer to the low cost  entry level electric vehicle. With the use of our light weight fiberglass bodies on a steel tubular chassis we think we have created the ideal second car for around town driving. We have designed a collection of custom concepts and replicas from some of the most desirable vehicles of the past and present. With the use of the lithium battery packs these cars are fast and light black GTEweight. They come with automatic direct drive  transmissions and have a starting range of over 60 miles on a charge with top speeds reaching 60 mph. These cars are made to order with any design or performance options. Recharge times average one minute for every mile driven. The starting cost for these convertibles is less than $10,000. If you do not see the car of your dreams please ask as we have other body styles available.

   Electric Motorcycles - not a moped.





Both of these motorcycle designs use American made parts that are factory Harley or aftermarket replica parts. They do have the option of using direct drive tooth belts or a six speed automatic belt drive. The direct drive limits the acceleration and top speed. The six speed transmission gives the bikes the ability to match the performance of any gas powered production bike. These bikes run near twice the KW power than any other electric motorcycle available and duplicate the KW power that we use in our 3000 pound electric car conversions. These bikes were designed for riders shorter in stature and by using the lithium battery pack they weigh less than 275 pounds. Recharging times average one minute per every mile ridden with a range over 100 miles. Your choice of design and performance options. Starting prices at $12,000.








      Sigma  GTE         (All wheel drive - supercar)

This electric supercar was designed to meet everyone's needs, any place, any driving conditions and offers features no other high speed electric vehicle in the world offers. Our one advantage we share with other e-v supercars is the lithium battery which unlike lead acid batteries are not affected as much by colder temperatures. The batteries can be equipped with heating systems for optimal performance. Since we now have the ability to drive in snow and ice covered mountain roads it seemed accurate to have all four wheels driving for the best performance in any weather.  With our interest to offer an electric vehicle for international sales one of the original design ideas for these models was to be able to drive the high speed European highways. To give use the power for constant high speeds and all wheel drive we used a twin motor design.

Unique to the Sigma GTE is that both the front and rear independent suspension drive systems have an electric motor that is capable of 200 hp and 300 lbs of torque each. One of the great advantages to the electric supercar is it can sit in traffic all day and never have a problem. This car was designed to carry four adults comfortably and safely at speeds over 140 mph or anything slower. These cars do have the option of carrying an onboard generator. The hybrid generator can extend range while driving or recharge at any other time. Two wheel drive models start at $25,000 and all wheel drives starting price is $55,000.




















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