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 In the past decade performance conscious commercial ships from luxury liners to cargo vessels have moved almost exclusively to electric propulsion. When the major yacht builders start selling models with electric motors instead of the usual diesel you have to take note. Electric propulsion technology is mature, it is affordable and there is a market willing to buy into the concept.

Electric propulsion has compelling attractions.

How much more enjoyable to slide silently away from moorings and out of the harbor in silence, without vibration, no exhaust fumes fouling the air and without the 75% of the un burnt fuel polluting the waterway. Electric Vehicle Concepts has been offering comprehensive electric propulsion systems for private yachts for near thirty years. If you are planning to replace or rebuild your current gas or diesel engine we invite you to discover the many advantages electric propulsion systems have to offer.

Electric Vehicle Concepts offers an integrated approach to electric propulsion and yachting power systems. It combines lightweight battery powered electric motors with a wide range of carefully matched and fully integrated AC and DC appliances, accessories and high efficiency hybrid generators. Electric Vehicle Concepts choice of equipment is designed for each clients needs. We set a new standard for electric propulsion systems utilized on modern yachts of all types and sizes. 

With our expertise and obsession with quality Electric Vehicle Concepts is uniquely positioned to quickly and properly incorporate the latest electric propulsion technologies into your vessel. Reliability, redundancy, fuel efficiency and comfort are all high priorities for all aspects of systems integration in our electric propulsion systems.  

              Electric propulsion advantages

 -   Equal performance to gas or diesel power.
-   Unmatched reliability with fewer moving parts.
-   No noise accept recharging with an on-board generator.
-   Increased fuel economy when recharging with generator or shore power.
-   No maintenance required on electric motors or speed controllers.
-   Unequaled design freedom; less engine space required.
-   Reduction in weight with no transmission needed.
-   Reduction in installation time with smaller, lighter components.
-   Lower total cost of ownership.

                                  Design Freedom

 -   Reduced dimensions of the electric motor connected directly to the prop shaft.
-   The hybrid generator can be physically located anywhere within the vessel.
-   The electric motor is about 30%  the size of the ICE and transmission.
-   A smaller generator and smaller fuel tank are required for the same range.
-   Smaller components can be located anywhere within the vessel.
-   Fewer gauges are require using less space.
-   The  motor mount system can be matched to the exact angle of the shaft.
-   E-V Concepts electric propulsion systems may be configured for any size vessel.
-   All electric propulsion conversion systems are easy to mount, service and repair.  
                               Our Design Goals

-   Work with any existing marine gas or diesel generators on the market.

-   Improve the life expectancy of the generator.
-   Require no modifications to engine room or electrical installation.
-   Require significantly less engine room space.
-   Provide for independent mounting of components, anywhere in the boat.
-   Significantly reduce the number of man hours to install propulsion.
-   Significantly reduce the number of components, such as transmissions, gas tanks, mufflers, thru-hulls.
-   Provide a mounting system that will work with any stringer width or design.
-   Allow for field replacement of components.
-   Provide an 110vac,220vac and 12vdc 24vdc   power  for house and equipment. 
-   Work with existing shore power, battery charging and other components.
-   Work with existing throttle, dash and control panel systems.
                                House electronics

 A DC/DC converter supplies power for traditional low voltage DC  house  electronics. The minimal load of the few 115vac appliances is handled by 115vac inverters. At dockside, the varying voltages and different frequencies are not a problem for the DC powered Air conditioner. Shore power plugs are provided for both 110v and 230v.
Under sail the prop  will spin the electric motor and generate power to recharge the batteries.  Electric Vehicle Concepts prefers using two separate battery packs for the propulsion system and house appliances. Each side of the battery storage system is designed to propel the vessel. If desired or needed one side of the battery pack can be recharged as the other propels the vessel.

 There is the option to run the system as hybrid, or completely green. A generator is not really necessary at all. The storage battery pack can power domestic AC and DC requirements. All energy coming from regenerative power, shore recharging, solar panels, windmills or turbine propellers.

                             Electric Launches

 Electric Vehicle Concepts has been using outboard electric motors as primary power for canoes, Jon boats, inflatable's and small launches for many years. Electric Vehicle Concepts has been converting Jet ski's to electric jet drive with great success. The weight of the electric drive system is easy and efficient to distribute in the hull, since the drive units are small and battery distribution very flexibly.   

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