Four door Facade hybrid.                Wagon  wheelchair accessible.


       2013 Electric Vehicle Concepts 

We continue on with the whims and wishes of individual customers and companies from around the world. For over forty years we have been designing for the future and every new year brings new ideas from inside and outside our company. As electric propulsion has been around for over one hundred years E-V Concepts has tried to offer electric vehicles not offered by any other companies in the world. With our racing heritage we strive for performance in all our concepts with the desire for safe, economical and environmentally friendly propulsion. We have tried to create electric vehicles that can fit many different life styles along with the unique concepts for the people that don't want to fit in.

It is sad that the world suffers over the desires of a few.  US companies have controlled advanced battery technology patents for the past fifteen years and done their best to stop electric vehicle production. There has been a rise in interest in the past few years now that the Chinese have given the world a low cost, high quality lithium batteries.

Over the years we have created many fiberglass molds of past projects and are continually building new designs. Some of our electric vehicle concepts are commissioned from individuals and companies within the US and from other countries. There are many design concepts  that excite other ideas. Some of the pictures on this web page you may have seen and some are concepts of other ideas. 

Some of our 2013 prototypes are complete and nearing production and some we have not yet started. Do to our work load doing conversions we are hard pressed to find the time to move on the new ideas.


























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