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 Electric Vehicle Concepts has been producing evolutionary rides since 1974. Creating emission free battery powered transportation systems for the automotive and boating industries. E-V Concepts creates environmentally safe, zero-emission vehicles that have excellent performance and are fun to operate. Truly a unique experience that will inspire individuals to take a moment and consider the only environmentally sound choice.  In the long term the personal transportation vehicle fuel of choice will be electricity.

E-V Concepts provides components and conversion kits for battery powered electric vehicle concept cars, trucks, motorcycles, boat propulsion systems, various types of handicap, utility and electric powered racing vehicles. We offer technical support to interested consumers, electric vehicle hobbyists, conversion shops, municipal utilities, and learning institutions.

While electric vehicles (E-Vs) may seem like the up and coming thing in today's world, many folks don't realize that the battery powered electric transportation actually predates its gasoline powered counterpart by more than 50 years. Electric carriages and locomotives were built and driven in Europe and America before the first gasoline powered automobile. From 1900 until about 1920 there were many more electric vehicles than gas buggies on the road. Battery powered electric vehicles were the preferred mode of transportation at the time. 

In 1899 Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, then a young engineer at Jacob Lohner & Co, built the first hybrid vehicle. Porsche used a petrol engine rotating at a constant speed to drive a dynamo (generator) which charged a bank of accumulators (batteries). These in turn fed current to electric motors contained within the hubs of the front wheels. Therefore there was no need of drive shafts, transmission, gears, chains, or clutches.

We have waited 130 years for advanced battery technologies. Sadly enough there are companies like General Motors and Chevron Oil who have been able to buy up and control the patents for advanced battery technology like the large format nickel hydride battery. For the past fifteen years Chevron has sued companies like Toyota and Panasonic for trying to produce viable non oil burning electric vehicles.

 Internal combustion transportation contributes 58% of the carbon dioxide emissions. The major auto manufacturers are more concerned about their bottom line than about the quality of the environment and the quality of life of the nation’s children in the twenty-first century.

You can convert your choice of gas or diesel powered vehicle or boat to battery powered electric propulsion. Battery powered electric conversions can cost less than $10,000 dollars using the newest light weight lithium batteries. Your electric vehicle conversion can have a working range of over 100 miles per charge. The new lithium batteries have the ability to recharge in the same time as your lithium powered cell phone or lap top computer.

A significant number of consumers and fleet buyers are interested in electric vehicle concepts and electric vehicle conversions in the pursuit for cleaner air, lower operating maintenance costs and positive environmental image. Given the opportunity they would own and drive electric vehicles. Everyone must be able to buy electric powered transportation. E-V Concepts goal is to help create as many electric vehicles as possible in the Worlds transportation system.

Many European and Asian countries have offered low cost electric vehicles over the past thirty years. These are practical electric vehicles that everyone can use. Electric Vehicle Concepts wants to see electric vehicles on the road, not endless expensive experiments.             

Emission free electric vehicles are necessary, now.

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